tips for maximum enjoyment of your Anthuriums

Anthuriums really like a lot of light, but they are not fond of direct sunlight. If you place the plant in a dark corner,it will flower much less.
Anthuriums really like comfortable warmth. They feel most comfortable at room temperature. As a tropical plant,Anthuriums should not be exposed to temperatures under 16 degrees.
In the winter period it is best to water an Anthurium once a week. In the summer, it is good to water them more often. Twice a week is sufficient. Would you like to give your plant a treat? Spray it once in a while with a plant mister, so your Anthuriums think they are back in the tropics.
Continuous flowering
With the right care and regular feeding, an Anthurium will continue to produce new flowers all year long.Usually, there are cycles of three months of flowering, some months of rest and then again three more months of flowering. If the plant has shiny leaves and produces new flowers, your Anthurium is happy. You will find out that you don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy your new Anthurium for many years.