Anthuriums make you happy

plants have a positive effect on the health

Why not make your living room or workplace greener and more cheerful? With an Anthurium you bring a natural feeling into your home. Having green plants in your workplace is good for the climate, and they have apositive effect on the health and attitude of employees and visitors. Plants contribute to improving your concentration, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

5 ways 

to work better 
  1. You can concentrate better with plants in your home or office.

  2. You are more productive when surrounded by plants. Did you know that research has shown that the improvement can amount to 15 percent?

  3. Headache? Unable to concentrate? The cause could be low humidity in the room. Anthuriums are a natural humidifier, and a perfect solution to this problem.

  4. Green plants make you more active. Yes, really! Put people in a plant-filled decor and they are more likely to take a walk in their break. Anthuriums can contribute to your vitality as well.

  5. People who work in an office filled with plants are more satisfied.